I’m here to make health equity an every day conversation...


My name is Jasmine Leonard, MPH

I am a public health professional focused on promoting health equity, with over a decade of experience. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology and Africana Studies from Brown University and a Master’s of Public Health in Public Health Informatics with a Health Equity Focus from the University of Minnesota. Currently, I am pursuing a Doctorate of Public Health concentrated in Health Equity and Social Justice as a Bloomberg Adolescent Health Fellow at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.
I started branding myself as Health Equity Jazz (HEJ) in response to the murder of George Floyd. After the events of 2020, I realized I could not continue showing up as a professional who happens to be Black. In order to reach my full potential, I need to show up as my true self, a proud Black woman dedicated to social justice and health equity.
While HEJ started out as a discussion to provide some context to why Black America was at a boiling point, it has grown to become a platform dedicated to speaking truth, taking space, and highlighting injustice.
With a health equity lens, I provide perspectives on current policies, create educational videos, develop presentations and trainings, and more.
Black and brown fists raised in the air