Too many people, too many children, are suffering in silence. I suffered in silence for over 15 years. I remember the feelings of loneliness and sadness starting at the end of elementary school. I remember feeling that I could make the pain go away, that I could feel better, if I didn’t have to exist anymore. I remember the first time I thought about suicide.

A lot has changed in my life since that first thought of ending my life, and it by no means was my last thought. When my parents passed away, when I left medical school, and in every strenuous life change, the thoughts became more frequent, stronger, and more detailed. I thank God that at every time the thoughts surfaced, He showed me a reason to fight. I know for that, I am blessed. Not everyone is able to find that one reason to keep fighting. It is for everyone suffering in silence, for the little girl that has depression and anxiety feeling all alone, that I am dedicated to always be an advocate for suicide prevention.