July 30, 2020

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis Leading to Spontaneous Muscle Hematoma: An Event Fraught with Danger PMC

Gold was chosen as a catalyst for hydrogen peroxide because the precious metal is not digested and therefore stays effective for longer in the digestive tract. The researchers packed all these substances — iron, Sober House glucose and gold — into the gel. This resulted in a multi-stage cascade of […]
October 23, 2020

Alcoholic Liver Disease StatPearls NCBI Bookshelf

While the occasional alcoholic drink is not usually harmful, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a number of health consequences. It can raise your risk for heart disease, various types of cancer, high blood pressure and, of course, alcohol use disorder. Drinking can also lead to injuries and death by […]
August 6, 2021

Find the Best Sober Living Homes For Recovery

Each home has its own unique set of house rules, shared responsibilities, and member expectations. Therapy Insider can direct you with the research on the best sober homes near Yonkers, NY. Finally, a transitional housing center with a sobriety requirement could be of great help if you’re struggling with housing […]
August 6, 2021

One Year Sober: What To Expect & Benefits

And they still hadn’t finished the damn bottle of wine I could install. I went upstairs Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House to put my daughter to bed. I cuddled her and I was texting my sober bestie. You’re Skilled at Overcoming Challenges As you continue […]